The Careers to Opt-in for With a Geography Degree

Don’t let geography scare you off. Geography is a science that can mean an in-demand career for graduates. You also don’t need any particular major or degree to come across a geography job, unlike some other fields below. There are jobs available for those with a basic geography degree, as well as for those who are interested in a more focused study. Keep reading to learn how to find and land a geography job.

Here Are the Careers to Opt-in With a Geography Degree:

Conservation Officer

Graduates holding a geography degree have the information and skills to teach people about nature. Conservation officers protect, manage, and conserve natural resources. They help the environment, society, and wildlife by enforcing regulations and laws about resource use. A geography degree provides the basic knowledge you need to get started in this field. This can be an exciting and rewarding career with additional training and certification.

Landscape Architect

A geography degree offers excellent insight into how various regions impact human and environmental health. This field requires students to study human, physical, and cultural geography. Once you have completed your degree, you can apply for various lucrative jobs. Landscape architects are tasked with designing parks, buildings, and parks. They collect data, create design plans, and evaluate the suitability of the designs before implementation.


Being a teacher, lecturer, or professor requires you to have a strong understanding of various subjects, so choosing a major with a strong focus on this area of study would be a logical choice. While technically a teaching role, a Geography degree is also a suitable option for opting into a career as a researcher, or maybe just a job that involves a lot of travelling.

Politics Or Non-Profit Organizations

A degree in geography can lead you in many different directions, including careers. With a degree in this subject, you can pursue work in non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, small businesses, and more. These careers have many different paths you can take.

Environmental Consultant

Geography degrees generally equip students with the necessary skills to pursue various careers, but the environmental consulting field is particularly well-suited for grads. Environmental consultants may often collaborate with technical professionals, such as software developers from companies like M3Works ( Together, they potentially advise a diverse clientele including corporations and government agencies on potential environmental hazards. Now, the developers’ work typically involves conducting thorough research and data analysis to identify critical issues, such as water scarcity. Based on their findings, these consultants recommend remedial actions – for example, implementing water resourcing strategies in areas facing shortages. A strong foundation in geography significantly enhances their ability to prepare comprehensive and insightful data analyses, making their advisory role more effective.


A cartographer is one who produces maps of all sorts that might include maps for military or civil use, research, travel, or entertainment. In order to become successful at being a cartographer, one of the more important skills you need is the ability to draw. Where else would you learn to draw maps in precise detail than at the art or art technology programs at top universities? You need great math and spatial thinking skills and the ability to draw.

A bachelor’s degree in geography and a minor in art technology will prepare you for this career. Cartographers do more than just draw maps. In addition to creating maps and documents, cartographers use GIS (geographic information systems) software, GPS (global positioning systems) software, and other technologies to create digital maps. If you enjoy travelling, you will enjoy being a cartographer because you will be able to explore the world and collect data. You will also be happy knowing that your work makes travelling easier.

Town Planner

Are you motivated by the planet and deed? If so, a geography degree could lead you to a fulfilling career helping communities plan, design, and construct their futures. This growing field, which is heavily relying on urban planning, focuses on problem-solving, and planners are well equipped to make informed, practical decisions that benefit a community.

Geographical Information Systems Officer

A degree in geography can lead to careers in numerous fields. From public health to insurance procurement to airport management, students graduating with a geographical science degree might find that geography-based careers open a plethora of opportunities. A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) officer lays the conceptual groundwork for building infrastructure tailored to local needs.

Geography degrees provide a strong foundation that prepares students for a variety of careers, including urban planning, infrastructure management, and international consulting. Geography students often pursue graduate degrees in statistics or geology, as well as careers in hydrology, research, and K-12 teaching. Geography graduates also find jobs both in the public and private sectors.

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