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Silvia Whine
Academic Tutor & Careers Coach


Where it all began - In her own words

School was something I thrived at when I lived in my home country, Spain. Studying literature was always my favourite because there was no necessity to stay within the lines – you could interpret the story in your own individual way and create your own imaginary world. However, I found when I arrived in England, that I appeared to fall behind academically because my English wasn’t as good as the native speakers. This came as no surprise to anyone, but still very little was done to support me in school, so I was often left to work it out for myself. 

Fortunately for me, my love of education meant I was willing to put in the extra effort and I attained good exam results in the end. However, many people across the world that were, and still are, in the same situation as I was, do not always reach their full potential.

I wanted to change that.

Therefore, I decided to set up Si Whine as a way to offer advice on how to exceed academically, regardless of your background or ability, and find a suitable career for your individual skill sets.

Our Mission


Succeeding academically can have a huge impact on what options are available to you, in terms of moving to higher education or pursuing a career.

Career Focused

Helping you narrow down your career focus to a field of expertise of your choice, through opportunities like networking events, volunteer work and other avenues.

Developing Skills

Giving you tips on ways to develop your skills in your studies, as well as through extra-curricular activities like sports and creative mediums. These skills will benefit you and your CV.

your CV

This is often the first impresssion a potential employeer has of you, so you want to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Utilise our resources to help build an exceptional CV.

our alumni

Thanks to Si Whine, I was able to graduate with a 2:1 and start my own Marketing business

Rachael Hughes

marketing student

University of Liverpool