Following a Career Path in Public Utilities – Is It a Good Choice?

Are careers in the public utility industry a good choice?

These are jobs that are extremely crucial to our way of life because they are part of an industry that is in charge of providing the general public with necessary services. Working in the utilities sector can offer plenty of stability, opportunities, and fascinating work variation.

What Does the Public Utilities Industry Consist of?

Even if we are unaware of it, everyone uses a public utility on a daily basis. To keep these utilities operational for the benefit of the general population, numerous organizations and individuals are required.

Gas, water, phone, and electricity are all examples of public utilities.

The government regulates public utilities.

Private utilities frequently employ management and professional utility workers to oversee the work in their operations.

Furthermore, private utility customers must pay extra expenses to cover relatively complex relay estimation. People with private utility jobs perform similar work to that of public utility workers.

Whether one works for public or private utilities, both consist of supplying essential services.

waste disposal men

Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in the public utility sector is a solid choice since it provides benefits, job security, room for promotion, and above-average pay.

In the public utility sector, skilled trade positions are in plentiful supply. However, there are a ton of different occupations out there, such as those in administration, engineering, marketing, and much more.

Despite the fact that they would not appear to offer as many crucial services as the skilled trades, those utility workers would be unable to perform their jobs without the support staff.

Public Utilities Career Options

Numerous career paths in the public utility sector need skills in manufacturing, repair, installation, and production of a wide range of utilities. If you’re considering a new career path in one of these sectors, then retraining for a new career can be a great start to opening up your options.

A few of the most common public utilities sector options include:

Electric Power

Think about not having internet! Without electrical power, people would have to learn to live in the dark ages.

These days, electricity is essential; thus, working in the electric power sector of public utilities is a vital job. People can work in other utility segments in addition to the consumer side of things to keep the energy running. There are various job types within this niche given the increased interest in power production to replace coal. Besides, to make the job of the workers easy in this domain, various tools are also available similar to this electrician tool bag, in which the workers can store all the necessary tools required while tending to a job.

electrical pylons

Natural Gas

Natural gas is used to heat many businesses and homes, but few people consider how it gets there. Deep underground natural gas resources are mined, and pipes are used to transfer the gas. It then goes through a process with a local utility company that gets it ready for delivery to its customers.

People can work on a pipeline, in distribution, or for local government if they work with natural gas providers.

Sewage Removal

Sewer Line Repairr and sewage cleanup is most likely one of the dirtiest alternatives among utility companies. Sewer networks and sewage treatment plants will be under the control of those who work in this field. Collecting waste and treating it so it may be disposed of without affecting the environment are part of this daily job.

sewage removal filtration plant

Water Supply

Access to clean water for cleaning, bathing, and cooking should never be taken for granted. The firms that deal with water help treat it so that it complies with regulations and keeps the water supply “flowing” to our residences and workplaces.

Different Types of Jobs in the Public Utility Sector

It would be nearly difficult to include every single position that might be available in the utilities sector. However, here are some of the most typical jobs to take a look at:

Utility Manager

Becoming a utility manager is a terrific way to improve and expand one’s profession. Utility managers are responsible for overseeing personnel management, creating budgets, and the general safety and well-being of various public utility facilities, such as power plants. Most significant utility companies want skilled utility managers; therefore, people with excellent management abilities would excel in this position.


There are various opportunities for plumbers, steamfitters, and other pertinent professions in the utility industries. The two best alternatives would be working with water or steam.



Public utilities are one of the many industries where electricians are always in demand.

If you take the example of reputable electricians like Wes Carver Electric (electrician in Bucks County, PA), for instance, you can see how people often tend to rely on their services. They can use testing instruments to make sure the installed electrical equipment is operating properly at respective power plants and to maintain motor control centres. Alternately, one might need to assist in determining when new electrical updates are required and aid in the purchase of new hardware for electricity generation.

Utility Markers or Meter Readers

These are excellent options for introverts since both of these careers frequently require individuals to work alone in the field. To ascertain how much utility usage an area has, meter readers visit businesses and homes and read meters. Furthermore, utility markers also designate the prospective locations of subterranean utilities for future development projects.

meter reader

Water Treatment Plant Operator

These professionals are part of the team that cleans the public water supply, which is a crucial job. Water treatment plant operators control the machinery and keep an eye on the procedures used to make water safe to drink and bathe in. They may also explore various aids and resources available that can make the job as well as water quality better, for instance, looking for a wastewater treatment chemicals supplier or studying new water treatment technology.

Wind Turbine Technician

A wind turbine technician is one of our top choices for employment in the public utility sector. There is a predicted 68% increase in employment for this developing career through 2030. Many of these technicians have annual incomes exceeding $100,000 according to labour statistics.

Keep in mind that there are also more general positions in the utility industry, such as providing office and administrative support, etc.

wind turbine technician

Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path?

Is this a good career path? People have to prepare themselves to enrol in a trade school and earn a certification. As they advance, having a passion for the field and a desire to sharpen their abilities will immensely benefit them!

Entry-level positions are where a lot of people in the public utilities industry begin their careers. This could happen before, during, or following trade school. Public utility careers require knowledge and time to learn as workers have to provide essential services. Those who have patience and study everything they can during that initial stage of this career will be on their way to a fantastic career path and some high-paid positions.

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