5 Tips to Get a Promotion at Work


Getting promoted at work is a powerful way to boost self-confidence, increase your earning potential, and get more control over your life. But before you get too excited about a promotion, make sure you are prepared. In order to get a promotion at work, you have to show your boss and company that you are fully capable of managing the new responsibilities that come with it. Here are some important tips that can help you increase your chances of getting a raise or a promotion at work.

Remember What Your Boss Likes

It is never an easy thing to get promoted at work but thinks back to the advice your boss gave you in your first job. Remember, bosses want to be respected, so the more you can do to show your worth to your boss, the more likely you will be to get promoted.

Most workers want promotions, but how can you get one? Here are tips to get your boss to give you a promotion. Remember what your boss likes:

  1. You are punctual, respectful, and hardworking
  2. You show initiative and are open to learning new things
  3. You ask for help if you need it
  4. You stay positive
  5. You rarely miss work
  6. You show loyalty to the company
  7. You avoid conflicts
  8. You help your colleagues
  9. You make your boss look good
  10. You pay attention to details
  11. You act professionally
  12. You go above and beyond what is expected of you
  13. You check your work
  14. You listen and pay attention
  15. You are a team player
  16. You ask questions
  17. You are willing to go the extra mile

Pick Projects for Maximum Impact

A quick way to gain a promotion at work is to work on projects that will have the biggest impact on your customers and company. That means being hands-on and, whenever possible, taking the lead in doing your work. And try your best to gain the support of your peers and bosses by providing meaningful and constructive feedback.

If you want to get promoted at work, it is a good idea to pick projects that will showcase your talents. Look for projects that give you the opportunity to work with others and also give you the chance to show what skills you have. For example, you may be interested in a project that will help you figure out how to better use your skills and knowledge.

Aim to Hang with the A Team

When it is time to ask for a promotion at work, you do not want to come off as desperate. Instead, you want to show that the position you are applying for is a natural fit and that you deserve to be considered. Try these tips to get promoted at work:

Show your manager that you are a team player.

Managers love workers who fit into their office culture. Think about whether you know anyone at the company—executives, other workers, or vendors—and suggest meeting them for lunch or coffee. You might choose someone you have worked with before but choose someone that can help you learn more about the company or position.

Volunteer for projects.

Volunteer to help co-workers and your boss with tasks they might not have the time to accomplish. Take a look at which projects have low workloads and high visibility, and pitch in to help out with tasks.

Show your manager that you are as invested in the team’s success as you are in your own personal success.

Make Your Boss Look Good

The best way to make your boss look good is to do great work and be a team player. That means you should show up on time, be proactive about solving problems, and cooperate seamlessly with your co-workers. Your boss will notice if you are being lazy or slacking off, which may make him or her reluctant to promote you down the line.

Be Indispensable

If you are seeking a promotion at work, remember that it has become more important than ever to be indispensable to the company. Sometimes, this may mean taking on extra responsibilities, but it also means always doing the right thing. Being indispensable to your company and to your boss can often mean the difference between being passed over for promotions and getting that promotion you have been hoping for.

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